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Senior Cats – Why You Should Adopt One

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Photo by Dave Scelfo.
Photo by Dave Scelfo.

In shelters, it’s usually the kittens who get adopted first. It can be very hard to resist that adorable mewing, how tiny they are, and how much their eyes stare at you with at “How can you NOT take me home?” kind of glaze. But what about the older cats? Don’t they deserve a home?

Here are some things to consider when looking at adopting a cat – specifically a senior one!

Still time for a strong bond:

Adult animals can make loyal, trusting companions. The cats seem to know they’ve been given a ‘second chance’ and they take advantage of it.

They know their personality:

Senior cats can also be just as sweet and playful as kittens. Also, when adopting a senior cat, you can get a sense of their personality and their needs, better than you can with a kitten who hasn’t fully discovered themselves yet.

They need loving homes:

Sadly, senior cats are often overlooked by potential adopters, simply because of their age. These sweet animals need loving homes, and you could be the person to give one to them.

iAdopt for Fall – Senior Cats

From now until October 5th, 2015, all adult cats at our shelters are an incredible price of $99. There’s never been a better time to adopt a senior pet, and give them a loving family to grow old with.

Find adoptable cats in your area at

For more information on why you should adopt a senior pet, see:

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