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Rabbit adoption tips

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So you’ve added a rabbit to your family – congratulations! Here are some helpful rabbit adoption tips to ensure the transition into their new home, is an easy one.

It’s important to establish a relationship with a veterinarian when you get a pet. Schedule a visit with your local veterinarian to ensure a longer, healthier life for your pet. Visit gotapetgetavet.ca to learn more.


Your rabbit’s cage should be large enough to fit a covered hide-away for resting, room for both food and water bowls, space for a little box, and enough room for your rabbit to take a few hops without obstruction. The cage must not have a wired floor bottom as it can hurt the rabbit’s feet.  Always include fresh hay, wood shavings or even a blanket for bedding.  Bedding should kept clean and unsoiled at all times.


Rabbits enjoy eating hay, fiber (rabbit pellets), leafy greens, as well as other vegetables and fruits.


Rabbits have their own personality.  They will bond with some rabbits and  not get along with others.  If two rabbits are bonded and both up for adoption, you may want to consider adopting  them as a pair to keep them happy.


Rabbits need attention and love from their caregivers.  They also  require an average of 2 to 4 hours of out of cage exercise.  Remember to monitor your pet at all times when removing them from their cage as they like to dig and chew.

How to set up an X-Pen for a rabbit
  • rabbit x-pen, rabbit pet care, rabbit adoptionFLAT SHEET. Use a flat sheet to cover the x-pen floor. Rabbits can be nervous of slippery floors.
  • LITTER BOX. Place the litter box in their most soiled corner. Place their hay inside half of litter box. This promotes litter box use! You can also place a hay net directly above their litter pan. This is just as effective.
  • PLACE TO HIDE. Rabbits need a place to hide to provide security!
  • 2 CERAMIC DISHES. Use ceramic dishes for their kibble and water. Rabbits like to move their dishes and the weight of a ceramic dish discourages this!
  • WATER BOTTLE. Place water bottle on x-pen. This provides the rabbit with a choice of using dish or bottle and if one empties it doesn’t leave the rabbit without water!
  • ENRICHMENT. Place a ball, wooden chew toy and/or small stuffed animal in their x-pen for the rabbit to play with! Rabbits also love to play with cardboard boxes.
  • CLIPS. Ensure that all the clips that attach the x-pen are closed and secure!

Visit ShelterHealthPro.com for more great tips on socializing your rabbit and enrichment for their life with you!

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