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Pet safety tips for Civic Holiday

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With the long weekend approaching, don’t forget about your pets when you’re making your plans. It is important to remember safety tips to ensure that everyone has a good time! Here are some reminders to ensure you and your pet have a happy and safe weekend. 

Firework Safety 

If you are planning on setting off some fireworks, remember that they can be frightening to your pets. Be prepared that your neighbours may also set off a fireworks display. If you are invited to a neighbourhood socially distanced firework show, it may be best to just leave your pet at home.  

Small Pets 
  • You can move your pet’s cage or hutch to an area of the house that’s generally quieter, such as the garage or basement.  
  • Cover your birdcage with a blanket or towel. This helps dampen the noise and block out bright lights.  
Dogs and Cats  
  • Keep your pets indoors during fireworks and make sure to close the windows. Startled pets will find a place to hide and if your pet manages to get outside, they could get lost. 
  • Make sure your pet is wearing their collar and ID tags, in case they do get away from you or your property. 
  • Have a safe place for your pet to feel at ease, like their crate, and keep curtains closed to avoid flashing lights. 
  • Let your pet be; trying to cuddle or comfort them will indicate that something is wrong. By staying calm and relaxed, it will reassure your pet there is no danger. 
  • Even if your pet does not show signs of distress, try avoid bringing them with you to watch.  
Other Fun Activities During the Long Weekend 
  • If you’re heading out on the road, make sure to confine your pet to the backseat in a carrier or pet seatbelt and keep the car at a cool temperatureRemember never to leave your pet unattended in a vehicle; cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even with the windows down. 
  • Planning to have some fun on the water? Pet life jackets are great since they keep your pet afloat and make it easier to pull them back on board if they fall overboard from a boat. 
  • When camping or cottaging, do not to let your dog wander. Pets need to be leashed or safely confined to the area where you are staying to help prevent them from getting lost 

For more tips and ideas on how to how to keep your pet safe this Civic Holiday, visit  

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