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What can guinea pigs play with?

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Guinea pigs are gentle, social creatures who love to play. They love fun activities in and outside of their cages that keep them healthy and happy. Here are some tips on handling your guinea pig and some toy ideas to keep them occupied!

Playtime with humans: handling
  • Allow your guinea pig to sniff your hand and use his favourite foods to gain trust. Once he is comfortable, you can pick him up gently and slowly. 
  • Place one hand under his chest and restrain a front leg behind one finger. Use the other hands to support his hind end and back feet at all times. 
  • They are most comfortable when horizontal and close to your body or on your lap. Jumping down can cause them serious injuries so handling them while sitting on the floor is safest. 
  • Enclosures should have a hiding place for each animal, with shredded newspaper, grass hay, aspen or hardwood shavings.
  • Many items should be added to the cage for stimulation and to promote the health of your guinea pig, such as toys, hammocks and platforms with ramps. 
Toy ideas 
  • Tennis balls 
  • Paper bags stuffed with hay
  • Ping pong balls 
  • Paper towel rolls (cut lengthwise so they don’t get stuck inside)
  • Shoeboxes
  • Anything they can carry, push, bury or hide! 
Other Ideas 
  • Agility Courses. Agility offers both physical and mental stimulation and encourages bonding and social interaction for your guinea pig.
  • Plastic balls designed for small animals, non-toxic wooden toys, plastic spoons and small stuffed animals can also be used. 
  • Let them run around the room in your house for extra exercise daily. Make sure to always monitor them while they’re outside their enclosure.
Things to avoid
  • Exercise balls and running wheels. These are not designed for guinea pigs. 
  • Access to treated and painted wood.
  • Unsupervised time with young children.
  • Poisonous foods such as rhubarb, chocolate, potato, seeds and nuts.


With these toy ideas and exciting activities, your guinea pig will have lots to look forward to!

Fo more care tips check out How to care for a guinea pig

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