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How to be a green pet parent

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Today is Earth Day, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share some tips and tricks to be a green pet parent. Let’s work together to create healthier communities for animals and people!

For any of these activities, please make sure to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols in place in your region.

Being a green pet parent
Shop smart

Consider purchasing biodegradable doggie bags over the plastic ones, buying kitty litter made out of plant-based materials like wheat or wood chips, and looking for pet products and toys made from recycled plastics and natural materials.

Clean green

Try using natural cleaners, such as vinegar as a surface cleaner and baking soda to absorb odour, instead of harsh chemical cleaners to clean up pet messes. Make sure to rinse with clean water any surface that your pet may lick.

Bathe with the earth in mind

There are lots of eco-friendly options for animal shampoos and cleaning products to get your furry friend clean. Look out for tea tree oil on the ingredient list, since it can be toxic to companion animals. When in doubt about which products to use, speak with your veterinarian.

Also, be aware that some animals, like cats, can clean themselves by licking. Make sure to rinse thoroughly any skin or coat shampoos off your cat to avoid these products being swallowed.

Use less packaging

Buying pet products in bulk not only reduces the amount of discarded packaging, it helps you keep some green in your bank account. You can also look for supply companies who use sustainable packaging for their products.

Leave the car at home

If you tend to drive to a different area to take your dog for a walk, try to make use of nearby parks, trails, and dog parks instead. Make sure to practice physical distancing while out with your dog.

Adopt from your local shelter!

If you’re looking to add to your family with a new companion animal, consider adopting from your local animal centre. You’ll be giving a grateful animal a forever home and doing your part to make sure these animal centre resources can help more furry friends in need!

We hope you have a Happy Earth Day with your household!



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