Thanks to the Urgent Animal Care Fund, KitKat made a full recovery and returned to her family -
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Thanks to the Urgent Animal Care Fund, KitKat made a full recovery and returned to her family

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Cats love exploring and KitKat is no exception.

KitKat snuck out of the house one day, and when she returned later that night, a trail of blood dripped from her injured hind leg. 

“It almost looked like something had attacked her leg, but I guess it caught on something and tore,” says her pet mom, Codie. 

KitKat’s family rushed her to an emergency clinic at midnight. Unable to stay by their beloved cat’s side due to COVID-19 physical distancing regulations. They stayed in the parking lot all night until they received an update on her condition.

KitKat ended up needing emergency surgery. The family was overjoyed to be able to bring her home the next day. Everything seemed to be fine, until KitKat started trying to lick her wound. KitKat wore a cone to prevent infection, and even though her family watched her vigilantly, they noticed the wound beginning to look strange. 

They took her back to the veterinarian and were told the skin on KitKat’s leg was dying. The skin would need to be removed in another surgery and bandaged daily by the veterinarian in order for KitKat to make a full recovery. As KitKat’s condition worsened, the veterinary bills rose to a point where her family could no longer afford to pay. 

Full recovery for KitKat

Like many others, Codie’s family has faced financial struggles during the pandemic. Her fiancé was laid off from his job and Codie has been unable to work because she has to care for two small boys at home. “We were at a loss. I didn’t want to put her down because I knew it could be fixed,” she says of KitKat. 

It was at this point the family contemplated rehoming KitKat in order to save her life. Luckily, that’s when Codie heard about the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society’s Urgent Animal Care Fund and reached out for help. 

With support from the Urgent Animal Care Fund, KitKat underwent another surgery. In addition, she received follow up veterinary care to ensure a full recovery. “They did an amazing job and you can’t even tell anything happened to her leg now,” says Codie.

A special cat

KitKat, urgent Animal care fundCodie says KitKat is more than just a family pet; she is a calming presence to Codie’s four-year-old son, who is going through testing to identify if he has Autism Spectrum Disorder. “KitKat is sometimes the only thing that will calm him down and is a special support for him,” she says.  Needless to say, the family is overjoyed to have KitKat back safe and sound at home. 

“We didn’t have to lose our animal. We got to keep her in our family, which is amazing. I will forever be thankful to you guys,” says Codie. 

For more information on the Urgent Animal Care Fund, and to donate to support animals in need, visit If you need assistance caring for an animal, call 310-SPCA (7722) to discuss your needs. 

Read more about the Urgent Animal Care Fund below!

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