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One mobile unit, thousands of lives changed

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Ontario SPCA Mobile Animal Wellness Services is a big mobile unit with an even bigger impact on reducing animal overpopulation! The 38-foot mobile unit has two surgical tables where unaltered dogs and cats are spayed or neutered. At just one mobile spay/neuter event in an underserved community, it has the capacity to prevent thousands of unplanned puppies and kittens who would potentially be without a home. 

Did you know?

Did you know that, on average, dogs have four puppies per litter and can have up to two litters each year. With a reproductive lifespan of 10 years, that equates to 80 puppies in a lifetime for one unspayed dog. Cats have an average of three kittens per litter and can have up to four litters per year.  With a reproductive lifespan of eight years, that equals 96 kittens in a lifetime for one unspayed cat. 

Mobile spay/neuter clinics

At a recent three-day mobile spay/neuter clinic in Pembroke, we performed 72 surgeries on cats and dogs. That equals an estimated 3,840 unplanned puppies and kittens that those animals could have produced had they not been spayed or neutered! 

By the end of 2021, the SPCA Mobile Animal Wellness Services unit will have travelled 2,750 kilometres to perform four mobile spay/neuter clinics in four underserved communities across the province. Thanks to the support of our generous donors who make this work possible, more than 225 spay/neuter surgeries will have been performed and over 140 vaccines administered.  

The SPCA Mobile Animal Wellness Services unit, made possible because of a grant provided by the Pet Valu family of stores through its Giving Back Project, was launched in June 2019 as a community outreach initiative to help reduce pet overpopulation. Take a virtual tour of the mobile unit by clicking HERE. 

For more information on our mobile services, or to make a donation to help make these community outreach initiatives possible, visit  

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