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Juniper and her adopter go on the adventure of a lifetime

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Juniper needed a home. Stefan was looking for someone to join him on hiking adventures. They soon discovered they go together like campfires and s’mores.

Juniper came to the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society through the Animal North Network. Since adopting the energetic canine, Stefan and Juniper have travelled across Canada to almost every province – sharing adventures and companionship along the way.

“I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and hiking, and it’s been a challenge before to find someone to be my hiking buddy and keep up. With Juniper, I’m the one trying to keep up with her!” says Stefan. “She really feels like my teammate. She needed a family that was adventurous and could keep her active, and I’ve grown as a person with her, learning skills of how to take care of a living companion.”

During their three-day stay in Algonquin Park, the pair enjoyed the fresh air, water and breathtaking views. Check out the video of their adventure.

Their adventure in Banff was just as beautiful.

“We summited Ha Ling Peak together in October. We were only 500 feet from the top when a huge winter storm rolled in,” Stefan says. “When I looked at Juniper, she wanted to keep going and pushed me to keep going. We made it to the top and when the storm ended we both ran back down the mountain. She’s a true adventurer.”

Stefan and Juniper
Credit: @stefanlguy Instagram

For years, hardworking rescues, shelters, and other animal welfare groups have been transporting thousands of dogs like Juniper from the North to the South so they can receive the necessary medical treatment and find their forever homes.

From animal transport, spay/neuter and wellness clinics, feeding programs and resource delivery, the Animal North Network is made possible through the collaborative effort of many dedicated partners, including Indigenous communities, corporations, SPCA’s, humane societies, volunteers and other groups dedicated to animal well-being.

As for what’s next for Juniper and Stefan? More adventure!

“We still have more free time on our hands to adventure, so we’re going to keep doing that,” says Stefan. “She really loves Algonquin park, so we have a few stays booked there and then we might even head back out West in the summer. She’s the happiest when we’re camping remotely.”

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