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Canine Scooting: Why it Occurs and Easy methods to Cease It

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It’s a habits that every one pet dad and mom dread—their lovable canine dragging his butt throughout the carpet and the gross biting and licking that usually comes with it.

Canine scooting is an indication that your canine companion is experiencing discomfort and it’s usually associated to anal gland issues, allergy symptoms, or irritation.

“Scooting is when a canine drags their backside alongside the ground whereas in a seated place. This can be a canine’s manner of claiming one thing isn’t proper with their butt,” says Dr. Rachel Barrack of Animal Acupuncture in NYC. “It may very well be itchy or painful. It may very well be indicative of one thing mildly regarding or an indication of a extra severe medical subject.”

To get to the underside (pun supposed) of your canine’s scooting, we requested veterinarians why canine scoot, what causes this habits, and what pet dad and mom can do to assist get their canine some aid.

Why Do Canine Scoot On Their Butt?

Backside of dog

As beforehand talked about, canine scoot their butts on the ground or carpet if they’re experiencing discomfort.

“Scooting is mostly brought on by anal gland issues, and the motion of scooting is usually the canine’s try to alleviate soreness,” says Dr. Shawna Garner, U.S. lead veterinarian at on-demand video session platform, FirstVet.

A canine’s anal glands are situated under their tails. They’re two small sacs situated close to the anal opening. These glands launch a scent and ship indicators to different animals. “Every time a canine defecates, a small quantity of the scent is emptied from the sac,” explains Garner. “When these glands turn out to be irritated, or infected, the scent liquid is trapped contained in the glands and canine might attempt to relieve the ache by scooting.”

There are different signs to be looking out for if you happen to suspect your canine’s scooting is brought on by impacted or irritated anal glands. “Chewing or licking on the backside, thighs, tail base, or groin are all symptomatic behaviors,” says Garner. “You may additionally discover a robust fishy odor, normally across the backside.”

However anal gland issues aren’t the one purpose canine might scoot their butts. Based on Barrack, different causes of canine scooting embody:

  • Basic irritation (usually seen after grooming)
  • Allergic reactions
  • Parasites (particularly tapeworms)
  • Neoplasia (an irregular progress of cells)

What Ought to You Do If You See Your Canine Scooting?

Puppy on carpet

“If you happen to see your canine scooting, raise up their tail and test for something that is perhaps inflicting the irritation. Until you see an apparent and simply fastened trigger (similar to a bit of stick or poop caught to their fur), get them checked out by a vet,” says Dr. Victoria Robust, a veterinarian, lecturer, and content material author. “Don’t go away it too lengthy. Left untreated, blocked anal glands can become extra severe points similar to infections and anal gland abscesses.”

Pet dad and mom mustn’t attempt to categorical or empty their canine’s anal glands at house or by taking a canine to the groomer, says Barrack. “This may trigger trauma and extra hurt,” she says.

In truth, canine mustn’t recurrently have their anal glands expressed as a part of skilled grooming providers. “Regular canine don’t require frequent guide anal gland expression as they do that on their very own once they defecate,” Barrack explains.

Canine Scooting Remedy

Corgi dog at veterinarian

In case your canine’s butt dragging is brought on by anal gland issues, your veterinarian will seemingly empty your canine’s glands after a radical bodily examination, says Garner.

“In persistent circumstances, an anti-inflammatory could also be prescribed to forestall swelling arising, and anal gland infections would require a course of antibiotics,” she provides. “In probably the most extreme circumstances, surgical procedure could also be required to take away the anal glands. However this can be a severe process and comes with vital danger, so it is very important talk about these dangers with a vet earlier than deciding on the very best plan of action on your pet.”

In case your veterinarian treats your canine’s anal glands, your canine companion might begin feeling aid quite shortly and the scooting ought to cease. “Aid from emptying the anal glands might be virtually instantaneous,” says Robust. “In some canine it would take as much as 24 hours for the irritation to settle.”

Dwelling Cures for Canine Scooting

In case your canine is already scooting and displaying indicators of discomfort, it’s all the time a good suggestion to go to your veterinarian for a radical examination, correct analysis, and efficient remedy plan.

Nevertheless, there are some issues that pet dad and mom can do to attempt to assist stop scooting and anal gland issues from occurring.

Feed a top quality eating regimen. “Feeding your canine a great high quality, well-balanced eating regimen may also help stop scooting by making certain their stools are agency sufficient to squeeze and empty the anal glands as they go by means of the rectum,” says Robust. “A very good eating regimen will even assist you stop weight problems, which will increase the danger of anal gland downside in canine.”

Don’t skip parasite prevention. Since some canine scooting might be brought on by parasites similar to tapeworms, it’s essential to maintain your canine on a parasite preventative that protects towards tapeworm an infection.

Take into account a fiber complement. Including fiber to your canine’s eating regimen may also help stop some digestive points and anal gland issues. “Including fiber to your canine’s eating regimen may also help to keep up their digestive well being, agency up their stools, and forestall their anal glands from changing into infected,” says Garner. “There are commercially accessible fiber dietary supplements, or you would add dry bran flakes, oats, or cooked brown rice to their meal.” Plain canned pumpkin can be a great possibility for including extra fiber to your canine’s eating regimen.

Fiber Dietary supplements for Canine: Our Favourite Picks

All featured merchandise are chosen on the discretion of the creator. Nevertheless, Nice Pet Care might make a small affiliate fee if you happen to click on by means of and make a purchase order.

In case your canine’s eating regimen might use a fiber increase, these merchandise can present a variety of digestive well being advantages, from protecting your canine common, to firming up free stool and sustaining wholesome anal gland perform.

Nice Poop Digestive Enzymes Help for Canine

Great Poop
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As each pet mother or father is aware of, poop occurs. And fiber is essential to making sure your canine has good poop, which may also help stop the discomfort of an irritated rear. However why cease at good when your canine’s poop (and well being) may very well be GREAT? Our pet consultants packed every thing your canine wants for a wholesome, pleased intestine into a strong high-fiber complement that’s powerfully tasty, too. The scrumptious, chicken-flavored chews are fortified with probiotics and digestive enzymes, in addition to fiber-rich pure components like oat flour and flax seeds. So your canine will love the style, whereas their intestine will love the advantages: firmer, constant poop, plus aid from gasoline, diarrhea, and bloating. And simpler cleanup makes for pleased pet dad and mom, too.


  • 120 gentle chews per container.
  • A multifunctional method to assist with quite a lot of digestive points.
  • Made with high-quality components together with important digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fiber. 
  • Flavored like hen, so canine will eat them simply.
  • Made within the USA.
  • No preservatives or fillers.

Issues to Take into account

  • Just one taste at present accessible.
  • Canine over 26 kilos would require a couple of chew per serving.

Native Pet Natural Pumpkin Fiber for Canine

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For pet dad and mom who flip to pumpkin as an all-natural treatment for scooting, in addition to quite a lot of different digestive points, Native Pet gives an easy-to-use resolution: Merely combine a veterinary nutritionist-developed dose of Native Pet’s natural fiber powder with water and create a scrumptious (and wholesome!) pumpkin puree. The powder has an extended shelf life and can be utilized as wanted, the place canned pumpkin will must be tossed quickly after opening. This method accommodates solely three natural components and can assist to fight diarrhea and free stools.


  • Made with solely three components: natural pumpkin, pumpkin seed, and apple powders.
  • Most prospects see leads to 2-4 days.
  • Could be blended with water or sprinkled over meals.
  • Common shelf life is 22 months!

Issues to Take into account

  • It’s barely expensive for an 8-ounce can. However, like we mentioned, it lasts a very long time. 
  • Some pet homeowners mentioned it was a bit clumpy when blended with water.

Virbac Vetasyl Fiber Capsules

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For canine constipation aid and anal gland issues that may trigger scooting, these fiber capsules from Virbac are light and efficient. They’re formulated with pure sources of fiber together with psyllium and barley. The jar accommodates 500 capsules and they’re easy to make use of. Simply break them open and sprinkle the powder over your pup’s meals.



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